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Anita’s famed boutique ice cream had its humble beginnings in a small Mediterranean kitchen, almost 20 years ago.

Mama Anita, with the help of her younger son Nir, would make frozen, tasty treats for friends and neighbors.

Nir made the ice cream’s foundation, while Anita would make the addictive jams which would then be mixed into the ice cream, giving Anita’s ice cream its delicious homemade flavor.

Word soon spread, the older brother Adi joined the business, and that small ice cream parlor has since transformed into a successful international network with branches in Australia, London, Barcelona, Cyprus, New York and Puerto Rico, with more coming soon


Opening hours:
Sundays through Wednesdays – 08:00-00:00; and Thursdays to Saturdays – 08:00-01:00


Contact telephone: 03-6542544


Address: 15 David Elazar