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21 - 25 . 04 . 2019

2019 Passover Challenge

Passover Challenge at Sarona

”The Hunt for the Lost Afikoman”

We’ve hidden an Afikoman in Sarona! Are you ready for the challenge? Solve the riddles and find the treasure!

A fun and exciting game for the whole family across Sarona Park.

Each family will receive a fun and informative brochure containing 9 riddles and their explanations. The solutions are hidden all around the park, so you’ll have to use your detective skills to find them!

As you solve each riddle, you’ll be rewarded with a single-digit number. Write each number down in the designated spot at the start of the brochure. Once you’ve solved all of the riddles, you’ll have a secret telephone number. Call the number and you’ll be one step closer to finding the hidden Afikoman! (The game is suitable for the entire family, for everyone aged 5 or older.)

All for the cost price of a single ticket!

The brochures are available at the offices of “On Our Streets,” located above Landwer Café on the 1st floor.