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31 . 10 -31.12.2023

Innocence has been taken hostage, but you will return

30 babies, children and teenagers, aged nine months to seventeen years, were kidnapped on that bitter Saturday, October 7.

An art exhibit has been placed at Sarona Park, near the area designated for the hostage families’ tent camp, calling for the hostages’ release.

Display windows and signs have been posted, displaying objects from day-to-day lives, brimming with childlike innocence, each display window focusing on a different age and stage of childhood and youth – from dolls and toys, through boy and girl scouts’ uniforms, all the way to driver’s ed theory books and the army draft letter.

The hostages’ ages, names and photos tell the tale of childhood brought to an abrupt halt. The exhibit includes photographs of the ruins of the Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip, taken by Omer Bar, who was born in Kibbutz Alumim.

The exhibit is the result of collaboration by the park, Studio Ha (an interior design and branding studio owned by Tomer Arbel and Lee Ekron), and the Hostage Families Advocacy Team.

We invite you all to come to the park, see the exhibit and offer your support to the families.

We are hoping and praying to see all of the hostages return home soon, safe and sound.