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14 . 07 -18.08.2022

Sarona Live at the Park 2022

Thursdays, July 14, 2022 to August 18, 2022, starting at 16:00.
Entrance is free!
Details of the performances:

July 14, 2022 – Malabi Tropical, the bank sworn to make people dance and be happy since the day of its founding, in an exciting performance offering a combination between “classical” tropical styles such as Calypso, Cumbia and Merengue and Romani music and Mediterranean influences. This is also achieved using musical instruments from different worlds, such as: charango, congas, guitar, bouzouki, electric accordion and computer. In short, an amazing performance, so do come by, and wear comfortable shoes!

July 21, 2022 Eran Tzur in an acoustic performance with bass and guitar – in this performance, the Poet of Rock presents his best songs, in a unique, intimate and acoustic package. Eran will perform songs from all eras: Tattoo band, Carmella Gross Wagner, the solo records and special projects, and materials from his latest album, “The Enlightened Path”.

“Carmella Gross Wagner”, “Full-Moon Nights”, “An Impressionist Painting”, “Chimera Butterflies”, “Eve of 2nd Kislev”, “The Enlightened Path”  are just some of the songs played by Eran Tzur in this performance.

July 28, 2022 – Rona Kenan in a solo act – armed with a guitar, piano, harmonica, percussion instruments and looper, with songs that make their way deep into your heart and raw, winning performances, Rona Kenan is taking her solo act up a notch – a cross-country tour. Ronan Kenan is considered one of the most original spokespeople of her generation in Israeli music. With six solo albums already under her belt, songs that have become Israeli classics and dozens of collaborations with Israel’s best musicians, she continues pushing the boundaries of her art and bringing together old and new, local influences and remote traditions, a tender, gentle touch and groovy energy.

August 4, 2022 – Lola Marsh – an acoustic duet performance – The international band that has taken world stages by storm is coming all the way to you with a gripping and exciting performance, featuring mesmerizing charisma and a powerful voice!

A source of pride for Israel, one of the country’s most globally successful ensembles, they regularly perform on distinguished stages both in Israel and abroad, and the band’s songs star on parades, commercials and movies all over the world.

August 11, 2022 Alma Zohar – a musical performance for children – with accompaniment by Ziv Moran, going on a globe-trotting musical journey, with songs and stories from the show “The Wonder” – acoustically rendered  (Two Indians, A Beautiful Boy, Somewhere in the Heart, and more)

Recommended for children aged 2-7 and for the whole family.

August 18, 2022 Uni-Ma – Maor Nawi and Tamar Stein are Uni-Ma. They are two alt-pop artists with local ethnic influences, while also unleashing their beats on a symphony of percussion instruments. The two banded together out of a desire to create unique sound, vocal harmonies leaning on a beat manufactured from various objects and things.

Strong messages, wrapped in stirring harmonies that go straight into the heart, rhythim that rocks the body and a style that can only be described using the word “tight”. The two play on keyboards and a computer, while drumming on instruments they made themselves and singing incredibly piercing harmonies.
The production, which blends pop with ethnic music and dance with R&B, is overseen by producer Ron Bakal.